Pruning Houseplants

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Over time, your indoor plants will need pruning. Pruning houseplants is just like giving them a haircut. Maybe your house plant’s too tall, too long, or has dying or damaged foliage. Overgrown houseplants can take up a lot of space so pruning makes your plant look more presentable and encourages balanced growth. Removing dead or dying leaves also helps reduce the infestation of pests. Not only is pruning indoor plants a simple process, it can also help your plant grow.

How does pruning promote growth?

Removing parts of your plant will allow it to focus energy on what’s left. This can encourage the growth of new leaves and branches for many indoor plants.


Pruning Shears or Scissors
Hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol

How to Prune Houseplants


Use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to clean your scissors or pruning shears. This will reduce the spread of bacteria.

Examine Your Plant

Understand your plants growth pattern by observing how it grows. By knowing how your plant grows, you can cut off sections appropriately instead of cutting off the parts where new healthy leaves will grow. Keep an eye out for discolored foliage that are yellow or brown and stems that are black.

Prune Your Plant

After you’ve examined your plant, use pruning shears or scissors to remove sections of your plant. Make angled cuts at about 45 degrees. You can also pinch or pull damaged parts off your plant but be careful not to take healthy pieces with it. If you trim healthy sections of your plant, you can propagate it and get a whole new plant.


In many cases, you can use the waste that you’ve cut off as mulch. Just be aware that decaying leaves can attract bugs, so it’s in your best interest to discard appropriately.


Just like you and I, houseplants need a bit of routine maintenance to always look its best. You may hesitate because you don’t want to hurt your plant, but the truth is that your plant will be better off in the long run. Know that every cut you make will help your plant grow better and stronger.


Should you trim dead leaves off plants?
Trimming dead leaves off plants is necessary to help the plant focus energy on the healthy parts. Pruning will also make your plant look healthier overall.
When should you cut back your plants?
Cut your plants when they have damaged or dying leaves, or when they are taking up too much space.
Should I cut the brown tips off my plant?
You may want to remove brown tips for aesthetic reasons. Cutting off the brown tips of your plant will make it appear healthier.
Is pruning good for plants?
Pruning is good for plants because it encourages growth, makes your plant look better, and saves space.
Should you remove yellow leaves from houseplants?
Yellow leaves on a plant that is usually green can happen for many reasons. Removing yellow leaves is safe and will help your plant focus its growth on healthier leaves.

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