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If you want to improve your skills, boost your side hustle, save loads of time, make money online, and up your digital game, you’ve come to the right place. To start off, why am I sharing this with you when I can leave you struggling through trial and error like I did? Well… why not? Helping people who want to improve their lives is a lot more fulfilling to me than turning a blind eye. Every single item listed below has improved my workflow and productivity. If it helped me get things done, it’ll probably help you, too.

Essential Tools

These are the tools I absolutely need. Can I live without them? Yes, but I’d rather not.

Apple MacBook Pro

From $2,578

The heart and soul of the operation. This is one compact, lightweight, heavy-hitting machine. I used to be a desktop guy, but the convenience and portability of a laptop stole my attention. In fact, I haven’t used a desktop as my main rig since 2005. From client meetings, the ability to work in public spaces, to binge-watching shows from the comfort of my bed—this machine is everything I’ve wanted and more.


From $3.95 / month

Looking for a hosting provider for your professional blog or a website? SiteGround’s the way to go. Their servers are fast, secure, and they always provide exceptional tech support when you need it. Say goodbye to all the headaches and wasted time. I’ve tried other website hosting services and none of them compare. I went with the GrowBig plan for and I couldn’t be more satisfied with their service.

Scrivener: Y'know, for writers.


From $41.65

The holy grail of organizing text. This has helped me organize everything from novel-length books, business plans, marketing strategies, website copy, and content for small and large websites. The layout simplifies moving from one document to another, improving workflow. It’s hard to feel overwhelmed when everything’s just a click away.

Writing Improvement Software

Pro Writing Aid


My favorite grammar checker. Elevates your writing to the next level by fixing style issues, reducing errors, and providing in-context word suggestions. Benefits writers of all genres, business professionals, and students. Speeds up the editing process to boost productivity and detailed explanations improves overall writing. The next best thing to a professional editor.

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